The «LIKOM» Production Plant was founded in 2000 being the leader among the Russia's manufacturers of hand protective means against hazardous effects by aggressive media and low temperatures. Over the past years the company has made a good headway due to its high quality of both gloves and mittens coated with a protective polymeric composition. The production process for manufacturing both gloves and mittens has been patented by the Federal Institute of Industrial Property.
   The company has lately developed and put on-stream some new samples of products in compliance with the world Standards. The new anatomic gloves and mittens have successfully undergone field trials and they have also been approved by experts in various industries.
   In the course of quite a long experience of the plant operation for the high-quality gloves and mittens market the "LIKOM Co." has created its own brand for the gloves logotyped as "POLIZAR" intended for both in-house and commercial use.