The "LIKOM" Production Plant is a manufacturer based on full technical engineering cycle; starting from raw materials delivery down to the final products. The "LIKOM Co." avoids subcontracting any other organizations with one sole aim to follow all necessary regulation cum the quality of the products put out.

   1. Production shop for location and spacing of blanks - busy effecting thorough control over the quality of the raw materials delivered. High precision location and spacing of the fabric is provided.

   2. Cotton - glove making shop ensures high-quality sewing procedure in compliance with linear dimensions meeting the requirements of the State Standards System and Specifications.

   3. Production Shop is engaged in top-coating of the protective film of latexes and polymers in conformity with the engineering route requirements as well with the final product quality control.

   4. Final products Stock-Room. "LIKOM Co." Has at its disposal necessary supplies of the final product as required in the event of urgent delivery to any Russian Region or to any country of the Commonwealth Independent States.